Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Waiting... Waiting Some More....

We woke up this morning knowing that our belongings were to be delivered today... YIPPEE! And I looked out the dining room window and see this...

Gorgeous!! The moon was setting just above the mountain behind us.

It's 11:30am here and the moving truck was supposed to be here before noon... HA! He better be! We need some furniture and all our other stuff! It's been enough time without them.

APPARENTLY.... the moving company could have been here on Friday... yes I said Friday... but Todd didn't check his cell phone all freakin' weekend and they had left messages about dropping it off! GRRRR!!!! Never let a man do a woman's job!!!!

We did however, get our shipment of new furniture for the house yesterday. We bought a new head board for our bed, a new 5 drawer dresser for our room and a new TV stand. They came in 4 HUGE, heavy boxes and Todd and I took all night and assembledall three new pieces. They look great! Now all we need is some curtains, a coffee table and new side tables for the living room.

Hope you all are having a great week!


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