Thursday, July 29, 2010

Let's Try this again!

Well... after our last "blank" post... let's try this again!

Saturday morning we spent the morning at the Vancouver Aquarium. We saw some amazing creatures... including 3 beautiful Beluga whales. I will post photos when I can edit them and resize them for the blog.

Saturday afternoon was spent on the ferry crossing to the Island. On the hour & half journey, we managed to spot 2 pods of wild orca whales (killer whales). A truly amazing site.

We off the ferry and drove to Uncle David's but only managed to drop in on Hudson my cousin.

We stayed the night in Sooke and then the next morning when to find the house we had seen on the Internet that we had liked in the area. The house's location is in bay right off the ocean with a beautiful dock.

Then we traveled North up the coast to Port Renfrew. Then across the Island towards Naninamo. The Island is just so diverse in it's beauty!

We traveled through Naninamo to Port Alberni and then on to Tofino; where we are now.

Tifino is so touristy and busy but yet beautiful! We managed to grab ourselves a piece of the lawn at a local camp ground here (every where else was full!) and then more nights in an actual site.

We managed to rent some surf gear for the boys yesterday afternoon and they enjoyed the surf at Cox Beach. I got some great pictures and will share them another day.

I convinced Todd that before we left Tofino we would try some of their local crab and did so last night. We both had an amazing Dungeon-us crab meal that was so delicious!!

We are booked to travel back to the mainland this evening from Nanimo to North Vancouver. We are going to then travel up the Sea-to-Sky highway to Whistler to hopefully go on the Peak to Peak gondola there.

I'm off to do laundry this morning... hope to check back in soon!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello from Vancouver!

Well we made it safely to Vancouver yesterday afternoon about 5pm. We stayed our first night on the road at a little rest stop called "Lake Erie" just after passing through "Kitchener". We also made a point of stopping in "Princeton" to get some information and a few pictures.

We encountered a little bit of road construction coming into Langley but plugged along and made it through. We stayed last night in North Vancouver in the Capilano RV Park... where I am now. We have great facilities here... including a pool, spa and hot running showers... Hooray!!!

We took some time yesterday to see the Capilano Suspension Bridge and we also got to go through the Treetop Adventures part of the park... a series of brides and tree bases tall in the trees!! Very cool! I'll post pictures hopefully in a few days.

We are off to Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium this morning. We might get a chance to see the Blodel Conservatory but that may not happen due to time constraints.

We are booked on the ferry to Victoria at 5pm tonight. We made an appointment last night due to issues of people having wait hours for a turn the last few days. So we will arrive on the Island at 6:30pm this evening.

We're packed up ow. Have to go! I've got on my sunscreen and my running shoes... I'm ready to go!

Hoping chat soon!!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Five!! And an Adventure!

This is going to be a short post today...

We celebrated Spencer's 5th birthday which seemed like all weekend. We had a mini birthday party and dinner with our neighbours and Spencer's little buddy next door.

This is Spencer blowing the candles out on his 3rd birthday celebration. We celebrated while on our camping trip too!

Todd's parents visited for a few days and we did some adventuring; including a 40 minute trip to Montana! LOL! They left Wednesday morning on their way North to Alaska.

We are off to Vancouver and Vancouver Island tomorrow for 11 days. Here is our general itinerary just in case. We will be camping on our adventure in our Boler.

Fri. July 23 - Leave Elkford and drive about 4-5 hours.
Sat. July 24 - Reach Vancouver late. Possibly stay in West Vancouver.
Sun. July 25 - See Aquarium, Stanley Park, see a friend in Delta.
Mon. July 26 - See Lynn Canyon, Capilano Suspension Bridge.
Tues. July 27 - Travel on ferry to Vancouver Island. Travel up West Coast of Island.
Wed - Thurs. - See Tofino and Campbell River.
Fri. July 30 - May try to travel back to mainland via Nanaimo ferry. (may not be until Sat.)
Sat. July 31 - Travel to Whistler. Do Peak to Peak Gondola.
Sun. Aug. 1 - Start journey home. (May not be until Mon.)
Tues. Aug. 3 - Arrive home.

We will have our home cell phone if you need to reach us. We're taking the mini laptop to hopefully connect to the internet if we get the chance.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Rainbows and Soccer Fields!

We started the week off with a bright vision this week... we had a double rainbow as clear as day right in front of the house on Monday night. We could see the WHOLE entire rainbow from end to the other. It had some doubled layers due to the angle in some parts of the sky!

This photo is not altered in anyway!!!

Spencer has spent all five mornings this week at British Soccer Camp. The town has collaborated with a company from the US (I believe) who bring young soccer coaches from Britain to Canada and all over the world to coach soccer to kids.

Spencer spent his mornings with these three young "mates" from across the pond... (and can I say, I couldn't get enough of their fabulous accents!! ~ sorry honey!)

The first day we spent inside the arena because it had rained the night before so I don't really have any great pictures from day one.

Tuesday we spent on the soccer field behind the Rec Center for the first time.

This photo is of Spencer's camp coach, Coach Spike on the field playing a game with the kids... so cute!!!

Wednesday was Wacky Hair Day at camp so I brought out the mousse and the hairspray and we attempted a wacky do for the that day....

Cute dude...

Spencer decorated his personal size 3 soccer ball using my Copic markers as requested by the coach. Who knew I'd use those things for other things than crafting???

I caught the guys playing the "Fox and Hound" game on the field... hence the "tails" they're all wagging! This was when they were the foxes taunting the hounds across the field to chase them! Nah nah... you can't catch me!!

Thursday was spent playing more games and learning more simple soccer skills. I even managed to get a good team photo which I gave out copies to all the parents today.

Today, our final day with Coach Spike was "Dress Up the Coach" day. The kids all brought something for the coach to wear... an Irish hat, a bridal hairband, a medal, a cape, a couple of shirts, a pink tu-tu and even NAIL POLISH! Spike was a great sport and wore it all practice!!!

At the end of camp we gave Coach Spike a little token from the Mini Soccer Class... a mini book shaped to look like a soccer ball!

I had each of Spencer's team members colour a 2 page spread to add their personalized photo (which I took Thursday) and name to put in the book. This is the page that Spencer created for Coach Spike's book...

That black critter on the right is a soccer octopus just in case you couldn't tell!

Coach Spike signed everyone's soccer balls and gave out personalized evaluations. Here is Spencer's photo with Spike...

Overall he had a pretty good week! We'll definitely be signing him up for next year's camp!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh Canada!

We've had a nice day here in BC today. It's been a little windy and cool but overall a nice day.

(do you see it?)

This photo was taken at 8pm... after a 15 minute bath to rid of the HUGE amount of DIRT on him from playing outside all day. He's buddy from Calgary has arrived for the summer and he's just thrilled!

A photo of Spencer and Daddy...

And Spencer and I...

Happy Canada Day everyone!!