Friday, July 31, 2009

Dirt Happens

We've had some rain off and on all week long here with some severe thunder storms. We even had a local young woman hit by lightening in the valley last weekend.... she actually survived... with severe burns to her feet and her hand though.

Spencer's been having a ball playing outside almost everyday. Yesterday he was out in the sandy driveway playing in a bucket of mud. This photo was taken after dunking his face in the muddy water of the pail.... GROSS! When I finished bathing him in the tub, there was literally no white layer at the bottom of the bathtub... it was all sand!

We ventured off to Calgary last week to return something we had bought and had an opportunity to rent a sailboat through the Glenmore Sailing Club... right in the middle of Calgary. The three of us got into one sailboat and when for an hour tour on the little lake. It was fun! Everyone enjoyed it. I didn't take my camera down to the lake for fearing of getting it wet so I have no photos.

I have also found a job closer to home. I have become a "call in" employee for A&W for now and I'm now working for a pizza shop in town. I start my first official day tomorrow. It's literally down the hill and if I HAD to (*cough* yeah right!) I could walk to work from home. Should be interesting!

I received an exciting call from someone at the CHA show (Craft and Hobby Association) in Orlando on Wednesday for an AWESOME crafty opportunity. I can't share any details at the moment but I can say... I have waited 4 years of my scrapbooking "career" for this phone call and I can't believe it but IT CAME TRUE THIS WEEK!!

Hope everyone is doing well! Wish me luck in my new job tomorrow.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Splashing Good Fun!

We took off for Pincher Creek yesterday to go grocery shopping and stopped at the splash pad in Coleman so Spencer could play on the way home....

.... trying to splash Mommy.....

... airplane boy....

Gotta love FREE fun!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Birthday Boy!

On one sweltering hot and sticky Sunday morning in July, one little "Mayhem Boy" was born four years ago!

And here he is four years later.....Spencer was given a number of choices of fun things to do on his birthday and he chose to the Telus World of Science in Calgary for his birthday.

One of the first stops was the flight simulator. Here's Daddy helping him fly his 4 seater plane.

He is trying out the funky mirrors....

Then we went outside to the play area and he built a bridge out of boxes....

He played on the 2 slides and tried out the MANY noise makers!

Inside, in the area geared for 2-4 year olds, he got to play in the water.... his favourite!

He road a HUGE ant.....

.... and played in the little village of houses....

He even played in the little grocery store....

Overall, he had a great time!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Bambis, Big Rocks and a Birthday Boy

On Tuesday evening, Spencer had fallen asleep in his bed before dinner and Todd wasn't home yet, I looked out the kitchen window to the back yard and there in the backyard was a deer. So I grabbed my camera and slipped on to the deck.

I startled the deer and up and out of the grass rose a fawn. Then a second fawn came up from the gully and then a third.... then a fourth..... a fifth and finally a sixth fawn!!! Yup SIX fawns... all together with only one doe. It was quite the site!

Here's a picture of 3 of them...

They trotted off up the little path we have off the back of the yard so I followed them.

The single doe was standing, watching me as I came up to the top of path. What an AMAZING site!

So this afternoon, Todd took off on the back roads with Mr. S and Little Mr. M, our neighbours, in the Jeep. Here are some of the wonderful views they came across in the back country up in between the Greenhills mine and the Fording River mine sites.

I think the boys enjoyed off roading on their very own little rock with their mini Jeeps!

So after I came home from work and we had dinner, we had the neighbours over for "birthday ice cream". After our ice cream, Todd called up to the mine and was able to secure a truck to take all six of us for a mine tour. We had a great trip and saw lots of HUGE trucks!

On our way out the front gate at Fording, we catch a glimpse of a few elk and their babies!

As we rounded the next corner and the next corner, we saw elk, after elk, after elk! Lots of females and babies. They're SO cute! There were so many that a number were just standing on the road and blocking the way through.

And one last site along the way... sorry the photo is lousy but the light was fading and the camera was not on a tripod.... I captured my first live WILD moose on camera! Those bright green polka dots on his head are his eyes reflecting back the light from my flash.... my "attempt" at a shot or two....

So for tomorrow, we're off to Calgary for the day to take "birthday boy" to a science center there. We gave him a whole bunch of different options as to what he wanted to do and he chose the science center to got to for his birthday. Should be fun!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Post Especially for Christie & Mark!

Spencer got a big fat package in the mail today from Christie and Mark so we made a point of calling to thank them and ask them if it was okay to open it. They weren't there when we called so we called them later tonight.

Spencer got a special gift... to open his presents from Auntie Christie and Uncle Mark EARLY.... and while talking to them!

He was SO funny.... he OOOOOOOed.... and AWWWWWWed... and said "Wowee Zowee!" at all his wonderful gifts.

He especially loved the Thomas & Friends puzzle and his yellow Bronco truck! He'll get to play with them as soon as he wakes up in the morning with Daddy.

He also loved the Thomas underwear too! He came running out to Mommy... in the buff I might add... to put his new underwear on so he could sleep in them tonight!

So... Christie and Mark.... presenting MR. PERCY BUTT! Strike a pose baby!!!! LOL!!

Thanks guys! He loved it all!


Daisies and Colouring Pals

Just wanted to wish my parent's a Happy 37th Wedding anniversary! Hope you both have a nice dinner together tonight! We're all thinking of you on your special day!

Spencer had a pretty good day today! While I was talking to Mom this morning, he snuck out of the house and he showed up with these in his hands....

We have a few bunches popping up in the grass around the house.

This afternoon Spencer's new buddy Mr. M came to play all day with us. We first went over to the park at the elementary school behind the house. They have this AMAZING play ground set up and it's completed surrounded by recycled tires so the ground under all the equipment is bouncy! So cool!

After that we all came back and the boys watched aa little tv and then coloured and stamped at the table for awhile.

They were having fun drawing "tracks for their cards"!

Spencer received some big mail today! I big package full of goodies from Auntie Christie and Uncle Mark. We'll put them aside for Spencer's birthday next week. Thanks guys! He's so excited!!!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Peg Legs and the Pass

We took a short tour to the Pass this afternoon. We drove to Pincher Creek to visit the Walmart there and then came back through the pass and stopped at the splash pad they have just off the main highway.

Spencer was already wearing a pair of swim trunks and so we bought him another T-shirt and pair of shorts at Walmart while we were there, along with a towel knowing we were going to stop on the way through.

We met up with another little girl at the splash pad that took a real shine to Spencer. She's about 11 months younger and she just wanted to hold his hand the entire time. Awwwww!

This is the two of them running through the "dragons tail" on the splash pad...

Spencer enjoyed aiming the water guns! At Mommy and her camera!!!

They both liked the water guns..... and fought over who was going to aim them!

When it was time to go, Mommy wrapped him up in his Pirate themed hooded towel and he gave me "Pirate Pose".... you know... sword in hand and an "arggggg" on your tongue!

He even had a little peg leg to boot! Hahahaha!

And once again... "Argggg... ye maties!" he was yelling....

.... with sword in hand....

We'll go back there soon as it is only about 35 mins or so from home. Hope everyone is doing well!