Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Post Especially for Christie & Mark!

Spencer got a big fat package in the mail today from Christie and Mark so we made a point of calling to thank them and ask them if it was okay to open it. They weren't there when we called so we called them later tonight.

Spencer got a special gift... to open his presents from Auntie Christie and Uncle Mark EARLY.... and while talking to them!

He was SO funny.... he OOOOOOOed.... and AWWWWWWed... and said "Wowee Zowee!" at all his wonderful gifts.

He especially loved the Thomas & Friends puzzle and his yellow Bronco truck! He'll get to play with them as soon as he wakes up in the morning with Daddy.

He also loved the Thomas underwear too! He came running out to Mommy... in the buff I might add... to put his new underwear on so he could sleep in them tonight!

So... Christie and Mark.... presenting MR. PERCY BUTT! Strike a pose baby!!!! LOL!!

Thanks guys! He loved it all!



  1. Hi! Just wanted to share that Bo Bunny has decided to open the Design Team Auditions to International Applicants as well!!