Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grade 2 Already!

Well it's the start of a new school year for Spencer.  Grade 2 already!  Time seems to be just flying by.

We'll see how his first day went after I pick him up from the new school.  He wasn't too keen on going this morning until he spied the super play ground they have.  It had all kinds of neat stuff painted on the pavement, many sets of swings to play on and 3 huge sets of equipment to play on... and a huge yard with basketball courts and soccer fields too!

Because we live in the country, Spencer will be riding the school bus.  I think we'll do a trial run tomorrow morning and have the bus pick him up at the house even though we don't have anything there yet.  I think he'll be more comfortable that way.

Tomorrow's the day our stuff arrives from storage.  Todd has the day off of work (a vacation day - can you believe it! LOL!!) so we can get the house unpacked and somewhat set up.  I think we're both getting tired of hotel living and not having separate bedrooms to sleep in.  Spencer's sure going to miss his daily swims though!!!  I guess he'll just have to do it in the hot tub! :)


Friday, August 17, 2012

The Last Night in BC!

The moving company arrived at about 2:00pm and everything in the house was packed by 6:15pm!  HOLY CANOLY these guys are FAST!

Todd and I had to go to the bank in Fernie at the last minute at 3:30pm and got home at 6:15 to find the entire house packed and ready to be loaded!

Some of the funny things that got packed...
  • all of my cleaning supplies - now I have to go and buy more just to clean the house after they're done!
  • dirty laundry that was left in 2 laundry baskets - that's going to be RANK when it get unboxed!
  • all of the stamps I was supposed to load in the Jeep for project work over the next few weeks!
  • **THE BEST ONE** - the dirty cat litter container, the "Litter Locker" - it's somewhere mixed in with my office stuff... OH JOY!!
So the guys will be here bright and early and will basically just have to load all the boxes and furniture on the truck and then it's on to Calgary to unload it at the warehouse until we take possession of the house.  Then we are off to the Days Inn in Strathmore for a few weeks until our things are delivered.  I'm hoping that they deliver them on the 30th, while Spencer's in school and won't be in the way!

Wish us luck!  Well be camped out with TWO CATS for a few weeks in a tight little hotel room.  I hope nobody kills anyone!  LOL!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Whirlwind Adventure!

Just wanted everyone to know...

The moving company has called.   They are sending a truck TOMORROW to begin packing us up for the move!  YES... TOMORROW!!  Nothing like a little notice eh!  Well... we knew it might be a last minute thing but not a 24 hour thing!

We will still have the home phone available for phone calls & internet access.  Todd will have his mini book too!  When we find out where we are staying, I will let the family know.  It should be somewhere in Strathmore I would assume but that may not be the case at all.

We have an official possession date for the house:  August 29th.  That's  little less than 2 weeks from now.  goodness only knows when the company will drop off our belongings!  That's something else we don't know either... *sigh*. 

... the joys of moving!  Good thing I don't have a pack!  Wish us luck!  The house is going to look SO weird being empty!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Place Called Home

This will soon be the place we call home... we finally have a start date for Todd's new job!!!

This pretty little 3 bedroom bungalow near Strathmore, Alberta will soon be the place we rest our heads.  We are just in the process of dealing with our relocation company on dates for the relocation of our possessions.  We could be there as soon as August 28/29/30 depending on the arrival of our belongings.

This is the back of the house...

And this is the view!!!  Lake Eagle!

Everything seems to be falling into place... Thanks Dad!  I know you're looking out for us right now!!  We have a call out to Spencer's new school to find out what happens when you transfer schools from BC to AB.  He actually starts school on August 30th.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Best Dad Ever!

You will be greatly missed by many but mostly by your wife and soul mate Mary, your daughters Christie and Allison and their families; Mark, Todd & Spencer.  Watch over us and guide us to have the most wonderful lives ever.  Thanks for being such a great husband, father and grandfather.

We'll love you for always!