Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our "Family Day" at Castle Mountain

On Thursday this week, we decided we all needed a day just to hang out together so we took a "Family Day" and drove to Castle Mountain near Waterton, AB.

Here's a quick map of the Castle runs...

While Spencer was in a lesson and I was off learning how to ski, Todd road the ski lift to one of the upper most areas of the mountain (. What an amazing view!

At the end of the day, Spencer wanted to go down the Huckleberry Run so he went with Daddy to the top (1084 ft) so he could ride with Daddy all the way down. Here he is at the top...

Here's a video that Todd took of me on one of the green runs. This is after only about 4 hours of being on skis!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday at Wapiti!

Spencer and I spent the day at our local ski hill today, Wapiti Hill. It's literally 3 minutes from the house and at night we can see it lit from our bedroom window.

The Wapiti Ski Club was offering up FREE skiing and snow boarding lessons at the hill this weekend but you had to pre-register. Thankfully Todd sent out an email early and got Spencer a spot for today.

Our little snow boarder!

Here he is with his instructor, Tom, from London England and his group mates on the hill. The groups were small and he only had 4 kids total in his group.

The sun was bright this morning!

Taking his turn down the hill with his instructor in front of him.

Trekking up the hill for another run with board in hand. He's so quick now at undoing his bindings and getting ready for his next walk up the hill. Wapiti has a tow rope system for going up the hill, which he tried a few times to ride but only went a few feet where he wiped out! Walking was a lot faster and less frustrating.

One last run before we headed home. He spent 4 hours on the hill today and did pretty good at improving his skills.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Elkford's in Sun Today!

Elkford's been in sunshine all day. Here are a few shots from this afternoon...

Looking West behind the house... (the Elkford ski hill in sight)...

Looking East with sun beginning to cast it's slightly pink glow on the peaks...

It's been such a nice day. Hoping to have this weather all weekend!