Friday, September 23, 2011

We've Been Visited!

I walked Spencer to school this morning and happened to look behind the old house. Laying there was a Mamma and her twins. Most of the Mule deer fawns have lost their spots but I have seen a few in town that still them - they must have been late babies since we had such a harsh winter last year.

Was walking home from the school and noticed the "UFO" clouds in the sky. So cool! We actually see them quite often.

The Kapp's deal is slowly coming together. Only a few more items to tick off the list until it is all MINE! The hardest part is going to be getting our health inspection done in a timely fashion. Not looking forward to that at all!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A New Beginning

Well we have had LOTS of exciting things happen here in Elkford.

First of all, Spencer started Grade 1 last week and is settling in to his new environment well. This was taken the morning before his first day... lounging on the couch with Daddy...

We've had beautiful weather for the last few weeks. Thankfully fall hasn't started quite yet here in the valley even though we've already had our first snow of the year. We've been walking to school every morning...

On a new note... as some of you know Todd and I have just purchased a local business here in town. We will soon be the proud owners of Kapp's Pizza House. We are still hammering out all the details and I'm sure I will making lots of trips back and forth to Fernie this week dealing with banking and lawyers. We don't have a specific date as to when we take over but we know it'll be VERY soon. Wish us luck!