Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of School

Today was Spencer's first official day of pre-school here in Elkford. I made sure that I took lots of photos... and I do mean LOTS! This little critter is hard to capture sometimes!

"I spy you Mommy!"

Just Mommy and little boy....

Sporting his "pack-pack" already for school....

He managed to have a great time. One of the first things he asked as we were walking down the staircase from class was when was he coming back! So far so good!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

It was Date Day!

Last night I arranged for a baby sitter for Spencer for a few hours today. He loves the girl that comes to watch him... she's so fun and takes him to do lots of things around the neighbourhood like going to the park and bike riding.

This gave Todd and I some time to just go and enjoy a nice lunch together. So we drove to Fernie and up Fernie Mountain to the Island Lake Lodge. It's at about 1450m above sea level a nestled in the Kootney Range of the Rockie Mountains. They offer spa retreats, hiking trails, canoeing and catskiing in the winter. The lodge is only accessible by snowcat in the winter.

We sat on the sunny patio of the Tamarack Lodge and enjoyed the view of the Island Lake below. This pretty little fushia flower decorated our table.

Enjoying the view....

The infamous "Eye Roll Boy" having fun...

A view from our table....

We each ordered a delicious meal off of the lunch menu to enjoy.

Todd had the Vandenburger Chorizo style lodge AAA local raised beef burger with apple wood smoked Cheddar tomato chutney and a chipotle rouille, served with chat potatoes.

I had the Moroccan spiced lamb sirloin with Israeli couscous salad of mint, parsley, chilies and sultanas in a roast garlic olive oil and lemon emulsion.

They were both super yummy and we enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere of the wilderness together. We had to basically eat and run since we only had our baby sitter for a few hours so off we went home again.


Friday, September 4, 2009

It's About Time!!!!

Photo by Heidi Brand

My little sis is getting MARRIED!!!

Mom and Dad are visiting this week and we just got a phone call tonight to say that Christie and Mark are engaged!!!!!!

Congrats guys! Welcome to the family Mark!

Love you both... Spencer sends a slobbery kiss to you both!