Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en!

Happy haunting everyone!

Spencer and I took the time yesterday to carve our jack o'lantern. Here he is plucking out the orange guys guts...

Instead of wearing costumes to school, the school always has an orange and black day instead so Spencer wore his Hallowe'en PJs to school. His pants are covered in all kinds of graveyard and spooky images!

He's posing with our finished jack o'lantern this morning before school.Photobucket

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Autumn's Arrival

We officially took possession of Kapp's only 1 week ago today. That's a picture of the outside of the building. All of the paperwork for the health inspection has gone in and we're looking forward to getting the inspection done and get the remainder of our operating permits soon... the sooner the better of course!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and family!

Thankfully Todd's 4 days off coincides with the entire holiday weekend so we're enjoying just a nice and relaxing few days off together.

I've brightened up the house with a few pots of Mums to mark the season too...

I love the beautiful 2 toned orange ones!

And the rich burgundy and yellow too!

It's been rather cool and overcast the last few days. We've had some rain which of course means fresh SNOW in the upper elevations. This is one of the 5 peeks behind the house (to the West)...
Here is the mountain ridge we can see from the living room patio doors... to the East. Beautiful but it can stay up there for another month and a half!

Wishing you and yours...

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!