Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grade 2 Already!

Well it's the start of a new school year for Spencer.  Grade 2 already!  Time seems to be just flying by.

We'll see how his first day went after I pick him up from the new school.  He wasn't too keen on going this morning until he spied the super play ground they have.  It had all kinds of neat stuff painted on the pavement, many sets of swings to play on and 3 huge sets of equipment to play on... and a huge yard with basketball courts and soccer fields too!

Because we live in the country, Spencer will be riding the school bus.  I think we'll do a trial run tomorrow morning and have the bus pick him up at the house even though we don't have anything there yet.  I think he'll be more comfortable that way.

Tomorrow's the day our stuff arrives from storage.  Todd has the day off of work (a vacation day - can you believe it! LOL!!) so we can get the house unpacked and somewhat set up.  I think we're both getting tired of hotel living and not having separate bedrooms to sleep in.  Spencer's sure going to miss his daily swims though!!!  I guess he'll just have to do it in the hot tub! :)


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