Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Settling In

We are slowly but surely settling in to our new home.  We still have lots of stuff to organize and figure out where it will all go but soon each room will look complete and tidy.

Spencer is settling in to school life again. He now takes the school bus to and from school.  This is him waiting for the bus yesterday for the first time.  Makes for much earlier mornings than in Elkford!!

This was the amazing view I had from bed the first morning I woke up here.  Teaco has been enjoying all the wide window sills and the amazing views too!  Marlee just doesn't care :)

Just today I was looking out the dining room window at all the ducks we have visit us each morning and I spied this little fella... having his breakfast too!  I'd always seen the large white shapes across the lake but thought they were swans... not pelicans!!!

We're already anticipating our visits from Dick & Judy in a few weeks and Mom in November sometime.

On a side note, I got a job.  YUP!  Didn't really expect to get one so soon but.. oh well!  I put in an application and got a phone call for a job interview within 24 hours.  I'm now working at the local McDonalds on days when Spencer is in school.  I figured if I wanted some new, nicer furniture that I better save up my own pennies so I got the job to aide my "new furniture" fund! LOL!

Off to work!  Hope everyone is well!


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