Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Daisies and Colouring Pals

Just wanted to wish my parent's a Happy 37th Wedding anniversary! Hope you both have a nice dinner together tonight! We're all thinking of you on your special day!

Spencer had a pretty good day today! While I was talking to Mom this morning, he snuck out of the house and he showed up with these in his hands....

We have a few bunches popping up in the grass around the house.

This afternoon Spencer's new buddy Mr. M came to play all day with us. We first went over to the park at the elementary school behind the house. They have this AMAZING play ground set up and it's completed surrounded by recycled tires so the ground under all the equipment is bouncy! So cool!

After that we all came back and the boys watched aa little tv and then coloured and stamped at the table for awhile.

They were having fun drawing "tracks for their cards"!

Spencer received some big mail today! I big package full of goodies from Auntie Christie and Uncle Mark. We'll put them aside for Spencer's birthday next week. Thanks guys! He's so excited!!!


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  1. Aww... so sweet... daisies for his Momma!! I almost forgot that monkey boys birthday is in July!! He's leaving the terrible two's behind.