Thursday, July 2, 2009

Peg Legs and the Pass

We took a short tour to the Pass this afternoon. We drove to Pincher Creek to visit the Walmart there and then came back through the pass and stopped at the splash pad they have just off the main highway.

Spencer was already wearing a pair of swim trunks and so we bought him another T-shirt and pair of shorts at Walmart while we were there, along with a towel knowing we were going to stop on the way through.

We met up with another little girl at the splash pad that took a real shine to Spencer. She's about 11 months younger and she just wanted to hold his hand the entire time. Awwwww!

This is the two of them running through the "dragons tail" on the splash pad...

Spencer enjoyed aiming the water guns! At Mommy and her camera!!!

They both liked the water guns..... and fought over who was going to aim them!

When it was time to go, Mommy wrapped him up in his Pirate themed hooded towel and he gave me "Pirate Pose".... you know... sword in hand and an "arggggg" on your tongue!

He even had a little peg leg to boot! Hahahaha!

And once again... "Argggg... ye maties!" he was yelling....

.... with sword in hand....

We'll go back there soon as it is only about 35 mins or so from home. Hope everyone is doing well!


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