Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hair Cuts, Wild Cat Days and Deck Guests

Spencer had gotten to the point this week where his mop was a little long so we stood on the deck the other morning and I cut his hair. He always looks so much better without the ragamuffin hair do!

Here in Elkford this weekend, we're celebrating Wild Cat Days. The whole town has lots of fun events and activities for everyone to attend. On Friday night, I took Spencer down to the "Kids Bouncy Castle" area for some fun time on the bouncy castles.

He loved climbing up the steps and then sliding down the numerous slides on this particular castle. They had 3 different bouncy objects for the kids to use and the took 5 minute intervals and never put kids of different ages groups together for safety purposes.

On Saturday morning, I took Spencer down to the pancake breakfast above the arena. Todd was supposed to be off this weekend as part of a planned mini shut down of Fording but he ended up working both days anyway. So Spencer and I went, just the two of us.

Today, Spencer and I went for a short drive and came back to a deer trotting off from around the deck of the house. It looks as if he had been sleeping in the tall grass at the end of deck. So I let him trot off into the gully behind the house before I got out of the Jeep. Here he is having a snack in the gully off the back of the house....

When he did finally trot off, I opened my door and hopped out of the Jeep. I turned around to open Spencer's door and realized there was another LARGE male deer still resting under the deck. So I shut Spencer's door again and carefully tiptoed across the grass and to the stairs to the deck. The male watched me carefully and as I took my second step up the stairs he got up and trotted off under the deck and to the gully too. Here's a quick picture of the second deer under the deck...

He was a lot bigger in real life! Let me just say, I wouldn't want to tick one off if I was standing too close! They've been known to charge at people if they feel threatened. Ouch!

Works going well. I'm working two days of the four that Todd gets off. Right now I'm scheduled to work 8 housr on Tuesday and 6 hours on Wednesday. I enjoy working with all the staff there. So far, they have all been kind and helpful.


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