Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rainbows and Resting Places

The last 4 days has been a little rough with me working and poor Todd having to look after monkey boy! But it all came to a beautiful end point last night with this across the valley....

We could see both ends! Did you notice the double rainbow (above)? It was SO vivid and in some places there were TWO blue and violet strips on the main rainbow!

I have been busy this morning catching up on some of my computer work. Spencer is watching his "Four-Four" channel (Treehouse) and hanging out INSIDE his toy box....

He's got the box sitting on the couch and he's watching tv while curling up in it! He's just plain weird!!!

So while catching up on my computer work, I happened to glance outside the window beside me and I saw that we had a visitor. She was laying in the shade of the neighbour's bushes in our back yard. So I grabbed the camera and creeped on to the deck to take some photos of her.

I snuck back in the house and was about to sit down again when I glanced out the kitchen window to see her fawn stroll up and lay down beside her. So I snuck back out to the deck and took a picture of her and her fawn having a quick rest.

No sooner did I return to the house again and a buck walked up to her, nudged her on the nose and they all rose from the ground, grazed a bit on the tall grasses and then walked off together just the three of them.

I'm still waiting to see an elk baby yet. The females are off in their birthing grounds right now and only return to the herds once their babies are born and are a few days old. Can't wait to see a baby elk!

We saw 2 moose just outside of town last week. They were out under the power lines in between the highway and the river in the valley. And wouldn't ya know it... I did have my camera with me!!! Grrr!

Goodness I love this place!



  1. How lucky are you!! Rainbows, deer and elk!

  2. Gorgeous rainbow! A boy in a box, how cute. Bet it will make a great page!

  3. WOWZA, i missed laptop with all my favourite linkies has been out of commission...