Sunday, June 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Here she is.... our little piece of BC. She's not the prettiest mobile on the street or even the oldest but she's ours. The actual mobile sits on about a 10 foot high wall and concrete footings. She's about 40 years old and has 99% of her original insides intact and in reasonably good condition for 40 years of age. So yes.... I have a beautiful pair of GREEN appliances in the kitchen along with beautiful *cough* wood paneled walls!

We have a nice sized pie shaped lot that backs completely on to green space. No one will ever build there!

We also have some nightly visitors walk through our back yard too!

I stood on the deck one night and took some photos of the mule deer feeding in the backyard. They took one look at me and went on eating. The large light brown building in the photo below is the back of the high school and the elementary school sits to the left of it looking this direction.

Our green space view.....

It's been COLD here in BC the last few days. This morning we had fresh SNOW... yes... you read that right... SNOW! We had it on roof tops and lawns! The tops of the mountains that were completely bare of white yesterday have dustings of snow once again today.....

I had a "starter" interview for my new job this afternoon so the boys waited for me in Sparwood and then we went to Fernie for a quick trip and then came back home.

We made a mini detour to Grave Lake before returning home today to see how full the rather chilly camp ground was over there. This is the mountain just above Grave Lake... pretty birches in new leaf and fresh SNOW on the mountain behind!

We have really begun to appreciate the flexibility of having the Jeep out here. We can go almost any where and there are SO many back roads to explore here just between Fernie and Elkford.

We stopped in the middle of the bush to explore around us a little bit more. I found some pretty wild flowers that I still have yet to identify....

We found these pretty purpley-blue flowers on a vine. They look like a simple clematis flower. This one particular flower had a funky spider living inside it's bloom.

Close up....

Todd's been busy the last few days putting up more lights down stairs in the storage area. With only 2 original lights, the space is a little dark to be doing any work down there.

Spencer's been hard at play too. He has this fascination for making sand angels in the driveway! He comes in dirty from head to boot!

Mail has been extra slow in arriving here. It seems to take an extra day or two just to travel up the highway from Sparwood to Elkford, only 35 km.


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