Monday, June 1, 2009

A Lot of Work!

After two and half LONG days of moving, cleaning, fixing and organizing, we are finally here and moved in. We still have a trailer FULL of stuff parked out side and a whole bedroom full of stuff to put away but we're here and we're in.

On Friday we got the keys to the new house bright and early. We made a trip to the new house and got set to getting it ready for move in quality... sort of! We proceeded to pitch most of the furniture from the previous resident out the front window into the front yard. The previous owner didn't bother to remove any of his furniture or anything from the kitchen cupboards. What a pain in the BUTT! Todd and I, and even Spencer had fun throwing stuff out the window... hehehe!

We managed to bring 2 trailer and Jeep loads up on Friday and moved that all in. We made a point of bringing up all the "to store" stuff first... like tools and bikes and stuff to get them out of the old foyer in the old house.

We spent Saturday clearing the remainder of the house of it's larger contents like couches, beds and other larger furnishings. Luckily we had a wonderful neighbour who allowed us to borrow him and his truck for transporting the larger items to the new house.

The couches and some of the mattresses where too large to fit through the front door due to a "sharp corner into the hallway to the living room". They managaed to take out the window panes of one of the side windows of the mobile and then lifted the furniture up and into the house. Not fun when the window is 12 feet off the ground!!!!

On Saturday night we stayed here at the new house for the first time and Todd got into the shower at the end of the day. All of a sudden, there was water every where! All over the bathroom floor, in our closet and in the second/spare bedroom. CRAP! A leak in the piping! GREAT! So Todd managed to discover that the pipe between the taps and the showhead had a one centimeter crack in it! So he cut the failed pipe out and replaced that yesterday night and we're now good to go! Thank goodness for handy men! He fixed the pipe, hooked up all the tv and stereo equipment, hooked up the computer and also my washer and dryer. Poor guy was TIRED after the weekend!

So needless to say, we are here but far from organized! Time will take care of that. Our phone numbers haven't changed since they are all cell phones and we mainly use Skype to call out anyway.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Off to unpack something... maybe! My calves and feet are killing me and I look like a duck when I walk. TOO many stairs to climb when unloading stuff here!



  1. Wowsers... what a weekend. It takes alot of work to move someone else out and then yourself in. I had to do that with my last tenants. Put me in a foul mood. LOL
    Glad you're in your new home now. :)

  2. Glad you are in and starting to get settled, but sorry to hear you had so much extra stuff to deal with.