Saturday, June 13, 2009

Off to Work I Go!

Well today was the first day of the new job. So I put on my new fashionable T-shirt and my brand new uniform and off I went to work I went.

The shift went fast because the restaurant was nutty busy. I got to re-learn a lot of stuff from my multi-restaurant career and some new stuff too. Working in the restaurant and food industry certainly pays off! I ended up staying almost an hour and half extra just to sit down with my trainer/supervisor because we really didn't get a chance during my scehduled shift to do so.

While I was at work, the boys took off the hard top on the Jeep and set up the soft top. With a crack in the hardtop and it still being under warranty, we are delivering it to Lethbridge to the Chrysler dealer there for repair on Monday. Todd wanted to make sure he could put the soft top on and get a feel for what we would have to do on Monday after the hardtop comes off. The windows in the soft top are tinted just like the ones in the hard top are!

We ended the day by calling Dad to check up on him in Ontario and then we walked to the variety store just over the hill for an ice cream treat.

It was a pretty good day! Hope tomorrow is even better!


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