Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Maple Syrup, Hummingbirds, Crying "Pee" and Job Training

I had a really bad week last week and I was in need a "friend-intervention" so I had called up two of my girl friends one day to vent and to talk my way out of my anger about something. While this was going on, Spencer decided he was going to raid the refrigerator for fun and amusement. He managed to bite a chunk out of the cold pound of butter in the fridge door, bite 2-3 processed cheese slices IN their wrappers and then take the maple syrup out and DRINK if from the container! YUP... DRINK it! OY!!! And that's NOT all he decided to do with the maple syrup..... he decided that my vacuum needed a little sweetening and poured it inside the plastic holes attached to the side of it, the place that holds the 2 extra pieces of my plastic hose AND also pour it DOWN the hose of the vacuum. Needless to say I was LIVID!!!!!! I did manage to clean it all up before SUCKING it UP my vacuum and wrecking it though!

We now have a deck on the front of our new home here in BC. When we were moving stuff into the house last weekend, I had a couple of hummingbirds buzz by me on the deck so I thought it might be fun to hang a hummingbird feeder up off the deck so I could enjoy them. So I found a cheaper hummingbird feeder at a local store, along with some ready-to-mix hummingbird food so I bought it. I brought it home, mixed the sugar solution up and added it to my new feeder. My husband was nice enough to find me a nice big bracket to hang it off and he installed and hung up the filled feeder for me off the deck. I can see the feeder from my computer desk and my kitchen window. I was so excited! WELL.... Spencer decided to investigate the new contraption hanging off the bracket while playing outside the other day. He somehow managed to DRAIN the entire feeder of it's sugar solution and the EVIDENCE was all over his FACE! Grrrr! I was so ticked off!

The EMPTY feeder....

Yesterday we drove to Lethbridge to get a few more things for the house and to also find some appropriate shoes for me for work.

On the way home, the weather was off and on rain/sleet but we caught a glimpse of the sun trying to cast it's rays on the Earth on one of our MANY stops to "pee".

Spencer was playing with Todd and I by randomly picking moments to call out "I gotta pee!" to make us stop the Jeep. He thought it was funny.... not funny at all! We even had the RCMP come up behind us on the highway to see why we had stopped. We just explained that we hd a 3 year old that had to pee and off they went. It was kinda funny.... they both nodded, smiled and drove off. Being at the stage in pottty training and us not knowing how long he can REALLY hold it for, you just automatically assume he needs to go.

It's been COLD here. We have had a few nights filled with new snowfall. This is a picture of the Kootenay's coming across the prairies before Pincher Creek. See all that snow? Our furnace should have been turned off weeks ago but it's still running.

With my initial interview for my new job last Saturday, I have been working on my on-line training modules; a neat on-line training resource for new A&W employees. It's been fun and I'm glad to know that all the training that I used to do for my employees at John Noble and St. Joe's has still remained in my brain! I'm now all set for my first official day of on-site training. I think I am working a shift on Saturday but have to call the restaurant to confirm. It's nice to have some non-scrapbooking and non-family related goals to achieve right now.


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  1. I knew Spencer was too quiet when we were chatting. Wasn't content just to drnk the maple syrup eh?? Gotta love him. :)
    Have a Mozza burger for me okay? Have fun with the new job. You deserve the break in routine. Miss ya.