Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello from Vancouver!

Well we made it safely to Vancouver yesterday afternoon about 5pm. We stayed our first night on the road at a little rest stop called "Lake Erie" just after passing through "Kitchener". We also made a point of stopping in "Princeton" to get some information and a few pictures.

We encountered a little bit of road construction coming into Langley but plugged along and made it through. We stayed last night in North Vancouver in the Capilano RV Park... where I am now. We have great facilities here... including a pool, spa and hot running showers... Hooray!!!

We took some time yesterday to see the Capilano Suspension Bridge and we also got to go through the Treetop Adventures part of the park... a series of brides and tree bases tall in the trees!! Very cool! I'll post pictures hopefully in a few days.

We are off to Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium this morning. We might get a chance to see the Blodel Conservatory but that may not happen due to time constraints.

We are booked on the ferry to Victoria at 5pm tonight. We made an appointment last night due to issues of people having wait hours for a turn the last few days. So we will arrive on the Island at 6:30pm this evening.

We're packed up ow. Have to go! I've got on my sunscreen and my running shoes... I'm ready to go!

Hoping chat soon!!


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