Friday, July 9, 2010

Rainbows and Soccer Fields!

We started the week off with a bright vision this week... we had a double rainbow as clear as day right in front of the house on Monday night. We could see the WHOLE entire rainbow from end to the other. It had some doubled layers due to the angle in some parts of the sky!

This photo is not altered in anyway!!!

Spencer has spent all five mornings this week at British Soccer Camp. The town has collaborated with a company from the US (I believe) who bring young soccer coaches from Britain to Canada and all over the world to coach soccer to kids.

Spencer spent his mornings with these three young "mates" from across the pond... (and can I say, I couldn't get enough of their fabulous accents!! ~ sorry honey!)

The first day we spent inside the arena because it had rained the night before so I don't really have any great pictures from day one.

Tuesday we spent on the soccer field behind the Rec Center for the first time.

This photo is of Spencer's camp coach, Coach Spike on the field playing a game with the kids... so cute!!!

Wednesday was Wacky Hair Day at camp so I brought out the mousse and the hairspray and we attempted a wacky do for the that day....

Cute dude...

Spencer decorated his personal size 3 soccer ball using my Copic markers as requested by the coach. Who knew I'd use those things for other things than crafting???

I caught the guys playing the "Fox and Hound" game on the field... hence the "tails" they're all wagging! This was when they were the foxes taunting the hounds across the field to chase them! Nah nah... you can't catch me!!

Thursday was spent playing more games and learning more simple soccer skills. I even managed to get a good team photo which I gave out copies to all the parents today.

Today, our final day with Coach Spike was "Dress Up the Coach" day. The kids all brought something for the coach to wear... an Irish hat, a bridal hairband, a medal, a cape, a couple of shirts, a pink tu-tu and even NAIL POLISH! Spike was a great sport and wore it all practice!!!

At the end of camp we gave Coach Spike a little token from the Mini Soccer Class... a mini book shaped to look like a soccer ball!

I had each of Spencer's team members colour a 2 page spread to add their personalized photo (which I took Thursday) and name to put in the book. This is the page that Spencer created for Coach Spike's book...

That black critter on the right is a soccer octopus just in case you couldn't tell!

Coach Spike signed everyone's soccer balls and gave out personalized evaluations. Here is Spencer's photo with Spike...

Overall he had a pretty good week! We'll definitely be signing him up for next year's camp!

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  1. Sounds like such a cool soccer camp. Glad Spencer enjoyed it. Amazing rainbow!