Friday, October 17, 2008

Furniture and a Scare....

So on Wednesday evening our shipment of belongings finally arrived! The trucker waited until Todd came home from work because he had no one else to help unload the truck. So poor Todd, after a long day at work, had to unload the truck.

So we piled all the boxes all over the house but the first official box to be opened was Spencer's toys and he was thrilled! He jumped for joy as each of his favourite toys got taken out of the box. The look on his face was priceless... too bad the camera wasn't close by!

So I unpacked the much needed bed sheets and towels and we left the rest of the boxes.

On Thursday morning I woke up with a splitting headache and spent the entire day on the couch watching tv as just getting up and down motion made me feel worse!!

So today was the day of unpacking.... if I never see another cardboard box I'll be happy!!! I got everything unpacked and put away except one box of books and a few boxes of scrappy stuff. We're still trying to figure out the living room set up so I haven't organized the furniture yet either.

Todd came home today after a long day and he had this weird look on his face.... half upset and half exhaustion. I asked him how his day was and he answered... "If I never have another day like this one, I'll be happy." Huh? So I asked him to eleborate.

He went on to tell me that he might not have come home tonight from work. What??? He explained that he, a supervisor and another rather new employee when to work on a shovel that was in need of some repairs. Todd was assigned a job at the top of the scoop and the other employee was assigned a job by the supervisor on the LARGE electrical panel inside the cab.

Todd climbed up to his spot and surveyed his job and then climbed down to get the proper equipment he needed. As he was passing through the cab of the machine, he saw his co-worker sitting down, cupping his hand. He asked him what was wrong and he replied, "I got a shock." So Todd started asking him what happened and then asked him to show him his hand. Todd took off his glove and inside he found a burnt and charred thumb on his left hand. Todd knew immediately that it was a high voltage burn and started things rolling for treatment. Since Todd has had specific training for dealing with high voltage burns he knew exactly what to do. He stayed with his co-worker as the supervisor called the mine emergency team. He made sure to watch him carefully as high voltage shocks can be very serious.... stop your heart, put your heart out of rhythm, etc. He asked his co-worker where else it hurt. He co-worker explained that his knee hurt so now he knew where the exit wound was for the electricity. The man was strapped to a back board, lowered to the ground from the machine's cab (about 3 stories) and taken to hospital. No news as to how he's doing.

I think Todd was never so happy to get in his car and come today. He gave me the BIGGEST hug ever and I knew that he was simply thankful that someone was looking out for him up there today so it wasn't him being transported to hospital today. I am extremely thankful too!!! I just don't know what I'd do without him!!!!!



  1. Todd definitely had an angel looking out for him :)

    I am glad he was fine, and that he knew what to do to help his co-worker.

    I am thrilled that you have your stuff finally.

    In your future ... I see a layout of Spencer gettting his toys back :)

  2. big hugs to your hubby!
    and're a BCer..SO KEWL!
    welcome chickie! and yep..i gotta pull me out a map..and find where that is