Saturday, October 11, 2008

All Before Breakfast

This week Todd has been seeing all kinds of wild animals on his way to work so we decided to go for an early morning drive before breakfast this morning.

So we piled into the car and drove towards Elkford, just north of Sparwood.

We came around a corner, not 5 km from home and there stood a deer! Just standing there on the side of the road.

As we drove on, an SUV blinked his lights at us as we rounded a corner and so we slowed down. As we rounded the curve there stood a young male elk and standing behind the fence and on my side of the road was another young male. We drove past slowly and they each turned around and went their separate ways.

We drove on through Elkford and up towards the Folding River mine where Todd works. As we rounded the bend just about to enter the mine entrance, there they were!!! A whole HURD of elk and stuck right in the middle of them was a huge male and his glorious set of horns! Every so often you heard him buggle and off in the distance you could another male call. It was SO beautiful!
We watched and took photos and then turned around to come home. We rounded a small curve and I just happen to glance down to the valley below and there standing in the tall grass some kilometer from the road was a swap donkey.... other wise known as a moose!!!!! He quickly proceeded behind a tall tree and disappeared into the bush before I could stop and get a photo. Darn it!

What a fabulous sight... and all before breakfast!!!!!

PS.... still no furnishing yet! I'm hoping they show up this afternoon!!


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