Monday, October 20, 2008

Our weekend and a few photos

On Saturday we spent the day traveling to Lethbridge. We bought a whole bunch more things we needed for home, some groceries and the boys spent some quality time together... mostly in the "man stores"... you know... Princess Auto, Canadian Tire and Home Depot. I waited patiently until almost 4pm when I got a chance to visit my first scrapbook store. And boy... was it a GOOD one! Scrapbook Paradise in Lethbridge is an AMAZING store. I know I'll be returning for sure!

On our way home we stopped in a historical area just on the Alberta border. Spencer and I grabbed a camera and took a few shots.

Isn't his little vest cute?

Then I caught the two goofballs running up the path to the car. It had really started to cool off so they were racing to the car together.

Todd started his shift schedule today. He's been working an 8-4 work day for the time he's been here. He will now be working a shift schedule of "2 day shifts, 2 night shifts, 4 days off... repeat". I think it's going to be hard getting used to the change from days to nights but at least he has 4 days to recover from it.

On a good note, Todd came home tonight and he said that his co-worker that was electricuted on Friday is out of hospital and is recovering at home. Certainly good news for him and his family.

I wanted to show you this picture of our moving truck. If you look just behind the driver's elbow (standing on the ramp), there's a board. Between the board and the front of the truck was ALL of our household belongings. YUP... in a space approximately 12x10x12 was our entire house!!! Can you say "that's amazing packing"!???


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  1. I am so glad to hear that Todd's coworker is okay. That was very creepy! Makes you appreciate life that much more.

    I am truly amazed how much stuff you guys got rid of, and how well you packed what you kept. Kudos :)