Friday, October 10, 2008

Visiting Fernie - The World can be a SMALL Place Sometimes

October 7, 2008

We live only a matter of about 20mins for Fernie, a well known skiing town during the snow months here. For us, Fernie means a large grocery store, a Canadian Tire and of course, a McDonalds!! LOL!

On our second day home I needed to go and get a new vacuum since I had left it at home too... so Spencer and I took off to Fernie mid morning. The trees are golden and beautiful right now so the 20 minute drive was gorgeous!

We arrived in Fernie and took a driving tour around town. I knew that a friend of mine from home had a store in town so I decided to hunt it down first.

With the tiny town, there's only a few streets and the main street of town is off the main highway of the town so it's wasn't hard to find the store we were looking for. We parked and walked to the store to discover the store was about 15mins from opening. So we took a stroll to the bank down the street and then back to a nice looking coffee shop for a hot drink and a treat!

Lesson of the Day: Every Mom should carry a container of baby wipes in their purse!!
Spencer ate his chocolate covered peanut butter treat and before you knew it, he was covered in chocolate!!! This is the VERY reason why I carry a pack of wipes in my purse! Catching the little slimy bugger is a whole other story!!!!!

After our treat, we walked down the cool, breezy street and entered the store we had been waiting to open. On one of the displays, there was a mini soap box derby car and Spencer eyed it right away! I struggled to get him out of it and after his tantrum was done, he spied another large yellow Barbie bug to play with. I chatted with the gal behind the counter and told her that I had gone to school with the owner of the store and her brother all my life. Needless to say, the owner wasn't going to be in, so I left my name for her. The lady behind the counter gave Spencer a sticker to wear in place of the car so we could leave.

So off we went back to the car and on to the local Canadian Tire in search of a new vacuum.

I found what I was looking for and it was on sale... even better! As we we strolling towards the front of the store to purchase the new vacuum, I look up and there she is..... the EXACT person I had come to town to see! What are the odds we'd run into each other by chance on the very first day we visit her hometown. We chatted a bit as our kids played with one another and promised to get together soon.

Sometimes it's nice to know that you know someone else wherever you are going! The world is a small place ever after.

As we were getting ready to leave Fernie to return home, the wind whipped up in great gusts and snow began to fall! The mountain tops with bare rock had already acculated soft, white peaks. Time to go!!! I'm just not too comfortable yet with the unpredictable weather conditions here so we drove carefully home.


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