Sunday, October 12, 2008

Did you know pumpkin pie is a finger food?

This morning we decided to drive to Pincher Creek, Alberta to the Walmart and do some more needed shopping.

Since we don't have any of our belongings yet, I couldn't unload any of my Canon camera memory card images. It's completely full with some 530 images from the last month. So Todd bought me a memory card reader which allows me to transfer my photos from the memory card to the laptop.... as you can already tell I have used since I had edited my previous posts with photos.

We also managed to pick up a few more essentials... a new potty for Spencer, some DVDs for Spencer to watch in the next few days, slippers for all three of us, new hat and glove sets for Spencer, some coveralls for Todd at work, new PJs for me, some more groceries and some more odds and ends for the house.

We arrived home this afternoon and I immediately went to town making our family Thanksgiving dinner.... roast turkey with homemade dressing & gravy, boiled mini potatoes and roasted acorn squash. I was almost tempted to make my own pumpkin pie but ended up just buying one instead!
Did YOU know that pumpkin pie was a finger food?? Neither did I!!! Spencer found this way the best.... literally shovel his dessert into his face!! Nice eh? So much for forks and table manners!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


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