Thursday, October 23, 2008

Achoooo! Bark! Bark!!

We have been dealing pretty good this week.... accept for a cold that seems to have grabbed hold of our poor little boy. Look at those rosy cheeks!!! When he's gone to bed, he sounds like a dog barking!! His cold seems to be about the same today as yesterday. He's even gone for a nap without resistance!

I even managed to cut his hair in the tub last night without much resistance and some cooperation. He wouldn't let me do anymore so this is the end result... minus the nap time rooster tail!

Todd's first night shift went well too. He got there last night and the supervisor looked at him and said "What are you doing here?". Todd replied, "I'm scheduled". Well the supervisor informed him that he was to be a on a constant day shift on his scheduled shifts. Good thing they communicate at the mine... GRRRR! So needless to say... tonight is his last night shift!! Straight day shifts from now on!!! COOL!

The weather has been nice the last two days. Warm enough for a light sweater or jacket and sunny too. Most of the snow we got on the lower mountain tops the other day is gone.

Hope you are all doing fine!


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