Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our First Day in a NEW Place

October 6, 2008

Being our first day home and a Monday, Todd had to go to work. We got up early seeing as Spencer and I were still on Eastern time (2 hours ahead) and said goodbye to Todd as he got in his car for work.

Since our belongings hadn't arrived from Ontario yet and I knew that I had to go a few "bigger" household items, I decided to ventured back to Alberta for the day to Pincher Creek. About an hours drive from home, it has the closest Walmart to home.

With my long list in hand, Spencer and I ventured out. We arrived in Pincher Creek, among all the huge energy generating wind mills on the foot hills of the Rockies. So cool!!!

Lesson of the Day: This place is WINDY!! ALWAYS wear your hair tied up!!
To have a day WITHOUT wind is ODD around here. The wind rushes through the valleys of the Rockies because it's the easiest way to get from one place to the other. If you were going somewhere nice out for dinner, I'd recommend either lots of hairspray OR just give up the idea of an "up do" all together!!!

Lesson of the YEAR: Never let a man do your "settling in" shopping for you!!
A man's idea of getting settling in includes a trip to the store to buy only:
- toilet paper
- bread, butter, mustard, cheese
- something to read while you're on the can

My "settling in" list included: (notice all the cleaning supplies.... *wink* *wink*)
- papertowels
- cleaning supplies of ALL kinds
- toilet brush, plunger
- bath mats
- a pillow for myself
- garbage cans & garbage bags
- shelf liners
- water, pop, milk
- salt & pepper, spices and condiments
- a broom & dust pan, mop
- new everyday dishes (I left mine at home to get new ones)
- a butter dish
- mats for the entrance
- new vacuum

Needless to say our trip was successful except for the HUGE tantrum Spencer decided to talk in the middle of Walmart!! I was none to impressed to say the least.

Now... I do have to give Todd some credit as far as the settling in business. He did manage to unpack the trailer of all his heavy tools on Saturday morning and drive to Lethbridge and pick up a new double mattress for our spare room. We have been sleeping on it, waiting for our queen sized bed to come with the moving truck so I guess he's not all bad. Oh... and he also managed to buy a cool new toaster and microwave and he ordered a new headboard and tv stand for us too. So I guess he did alright!!! LOL!!!



  1. Tag ... you're it! I am following you post by post :)

    You sure crack me up. Leaving a man to settle in LOL

  2. Do you have any photos from your trip across Canada, or were you in too much of a rush to stop and snap some?