Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mmmm..... Soup!

Woke up this morning to a fog layer plastered to the side of the mountains on both sides of us. There was also this cloud down the valley that was billowing out from between two mountains... it was gorgeous! I didn't get it in time to take a photo though... darn it!

It warmed up today so the weather is actually nice today.

Lesson of the Month: The radio reception sucks out here!!
Since we only get 2 radio stations here, Todd decided to invest in a Sirius Satellite Radio for the car. The BEST money we've spent yet! We have some 200 channels of anything from comedy, to Martha Stewart to today's hits to hits from the 50's and everything in between! I can even access it from my computer at home and play it (since we have no tv yet!).

Since we had some leftovers from our traditional Thanksgiving dinner, I decided to make some homemade turkey vegetable soup for dinner tonight. So that's what I have done this afternoon... you can smell it already! Mmmm....

GOOD NEWS.... I received an email from Todd at work just now. He says our truck of household belongings will be delivered before noon tomorrow!!!! YIPPEE!!! Finally.... it's about freakin' time I say! I guess he got a call while he was at work from the truck driver.


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  1. The soup looks yummy. It would hit the spot right now since I have a nasty cold.
    Glad your stuff is going to arrive... finally!