Sunday, November 30, 2008

Winter Attire and Santa's Coming to Town!

Last night Todd came home and had to BBQ his own hamburgers for dinner. Spencer decided that he was going to help him out. Todd found him dressed like this in the foyer as he came inside....

Coat on ....upside down! His hood was flapping on his butt!
No pants! (due to potty training - you know... one less layer to remove!) and his "Bino"boots on!

This morning Spencer and I attended the Fording River children's Christmas party. They had pizza, veggies & dip, drinks, cookies and squares for lunch for everyone. Then they had a clown to entertain the kids.

Needless to say I was NOT impressed with Spencer's behaviour during the performance. The little bugger started off sitting beside me in his chair, then he squirmed off and sat on the floor with the kids. No biggie.

Then he slithered to the front and started putting neon cones on his head! Then he came back and sat with me for a bit. Then the little bugger got up and stood next to the clown... note the picture below... too bad his face is covered!

Then he adventured on to the stage and started unpacking some of the gifts and a lady across the table had to grab him for me because I couldn't get out of my chair to grab him. Grrrr!!!!

Well all the Fording River kids with last names from A to K attended the party today. The company's Fording River division is so big they have to do 2 parties each year just for all the kids to attend.

Luckily, they started calling children's names from "K" instead of "A" and working backwards so I think we were the 5th or 6th family called up. I picked Spencer up off the floor and took him up to Santa. He literally broke out in tears in my arms and refused sit on Santa's knee. So alas, no photos with Santa... darn it! But he got a large chocolate Santa sucker and this HUGE Tonka dump truck from Santa! Notice how large it is.... he can actually fit in the back of it!!!

Now don't get TOO excited.... BUT there is a small possibility that we may be coming home for 13 days just after Christmas. The mine is having a longer shutdown then expected and we are trying to gather up some funds to make it home Dec. 26th to Jan. 7th. BUT this is not set in stone... YET!!!! We still have to see about booking our flights home yet. Cross your fingers and maybe we'll all see you in a matter of THREE WEEKS!!!!



  1. Coolio!! Let me know girlfriend. I have a friend who is a travel agent and i can trust her to get you guys a great deal on a flight. :)

  2. I so remember those days! Kids are the greatest dressers aren't they LOL

    How cool would that be to be able to come back home already!

    Enjoy the potty training :)