Sunday, November 2, 2008

We Live Close to Eden

We ended up driving to Lethbridge hoping to connect with someone who had a part for Todd's car. No such luck on that part!!

So after we galivanted through Lethbridge for the day, we decided to take the long way home and took a drive to Waterton Lakes National Park. The park is in the south western corner of Alberta and is part of the Glacier National Park on the Canadian side.

We arrived quite late into the afternoon so we had limited daylight hours left so we first drove around the little inhabited area of the park. They had a series of houses, lots of cottages, a few hotels and lots of camp sites.

We drove downtown and down to the docks and we saw our first few black tailed deer. Apparently they are used to all the tourists because this female approached the car without a thought. Apperently.... they like pretzels too!!!

We drove farther and out towards the camp ground area. This was the view from the pebbly beach along the camp ground area off the down town area. The water was COLD!!

This was the male black tailed deer that was was with the 2 females above. He was just resting in the grass and Todd was able to get within 10 feet of him to take this photo.

This is Spencer and I fooling around on the beach. The boys were having a rock throwing contest to see who could make the largest splash.

Just as nightfall was really taking hold of the area, we found this pretty site.... Cameron Falls. There was a series of walk ways all the way up both sides but with being so dark we decided to save it for the next time we visited.

I can't wait to go back to Waterton Lakes National Park!!


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  1. omgosh, omgosh, omgosh!!!! That is so cool! Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!!