Sunday, November 9, 2008

Playing 'Tourist"

We have become accustom to traveling 2 hours east to Lethbridge where we can find just about everything we need for home... groceries, car parts, etc.

So today we decided to investigate a park right in the middle of Lethbridge today. Sorry... can't remember the name of the park!

We started our visit by taking a walk along the rather large lake. With it being unseasonalably warm for November, we only had to wear our light spring clothing today.

Spencer saw one of the playground equipment sets and made a bee-line for it. With a little help from Mommy and Daddy he managed to climb to the top and to the edge of the large orange tube (about 12 feet or so tall) and....

.... he managed to fall all the way to the bottom of it in a matter of seconds only moments after I took this photo. We had warned him not to go in to it but did he listen???... NO!!! Thankfully he wasn't hurt since the tube opened up at the bottom to a large pile of gravel underneath which broke his fall. Poor fella!

Then Daddy spied the tire swing. Spencer took his turn first. Daddy spun him so fast on it that when he got off, he zig zagged for a moment and then fell over from being too dizzy!!! It's was kinda funny! So..... I put Todd in the swing and Spencer and I made him dizzy in return!!!

Then we tried out the regular swing set. Spencer loved Daddy's version of the "Super Swing" where Spencer would fly as high as the swing could take him... over... and over and over again!

So we walked back towards the car and then detoured over this bridge....

.... and strolled along the path on the long skinny island.

At the end of the island was a huge rock. "Look at me Mommy!!!"

We came back along the path, over the bridge and down the shore of the lake even farther and came across another bridge. We strolled over it towards a golf course. Back to the car and on with our errands we went!

Sometimes it's just nice to play "tourist"!


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  1. I am so glad that Spencer was not hurt when he fell.

    What beautiful surroundings you have!! Can I come visit???