Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Winter ... Maybe?

Well we finally had some snow last night. The tops of mountains have the most and some of the stuff in the valley has melted by tonight but it's beginning to look more like winter here.

I took this photo out the car window as we passed though Crowsnest Pass this afternoon. The little lake is frozen but the larger more open side is not.

I ventured off to Aquafit this morning all by myself. When I arrived home, the boys had moved the filing cabinet and had put up my new Christmas tree for me! Awww.... too sweet! It's a 7 foot tall pre-lit tree. I think we'll decorate it tomorrow.

We have really ventured into the "Potty Zone" here in the Israels' house. We have been struggling for months on how to get Spencer to even sit on the potty. So.... smarty-pants Daddy came up with the ultimate "Potty Present". The deal is that Spencer has to use the potty everyday and stay dry and clean for 4 days in a row and he can open up his "potty present". We picked it up today in Lethbridge because it was on sale at Toys R Us. The box is sitting in the front foyer all set to be opened so as a reminder of his prize, all I have to do is open up the foyer door and show him why using the potty is a good thing! Bribery.... it's the only thing that we have gotten to peak his interest with. Cross your fingers for us!!
Cool "potty prize" huh?


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  1. What a beautiful tree. Your boys sure took care of you :)

    I love the potty prize as well!!!