Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Frank Slide

On Monday, Todd was home so we decided to venture off to Frank, a small town in Crowsnest Pass. It's about 40km from home. It's the site of the 1903 Frank Slide.

In April of 1903, 83 million tons of rock came pouring down the mountain and it to the town of Frank. Approximately 70 people were killed in the natural disaster.

This is the area of the slide, the north face of Turtle Mountain.

We went through the Frank Slide Interpretive Center. It's perched on the opposite side of the valley, right on the edge of the debris field.

After going through the center, we decided to take the 1.5km trail going through debris field. Spencer was none to impressed and was just not in a good mood... along with Todd for that matter.

This is the view from the trail looking West to Blairmore.

A close up of the mountain towards Blairmore.

On our way home we always pass Crowsnest Mountain. It has such a unique shape to it.

We still have no permanent snow yet. All the snow that fell a week ago was gone in days. We've had highs of 13 degrees here. Hoping for a little snow though... even the surrounding mountains have lost most of their snow.


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