Saturday, November 8, 2008

Community Happenings

We've been extremely thankful for the very active community here in Sparwood. The community has a wide variety of programs for kids of all ages and for parents too.

Thursdays we started to attend the reading hour at the library. It's specifically designed for 3 year olds so Spencer is right at home. This past Thursday Spencer got to hear all about dogs. He even coloured a picture of a dog and got to meet a dog at the group. The teachers there are great with him. Too bad his attention span is so short! Mommy actually gets the hour off to do whatever I want!!!!

On Friday mornings there is a 'parent and child meet and greet' at the community center. It's held for a little more than an hour. All the kids come to play on all the fun things and play with the toys and the parents come to gab and drink coffee.

I've had the priviledge to meet a number of great ladies in the local area. One gal has a son just about Spencer's age and it looks like Spencer's going to have a great play buddy. A lot of the gals are in to scrapbooking too so it's nice to meet someone else who understands my addiction... LOL!

Spencer's favourite part of the Friday morning is riding around on the many trikes....

Today is Todd's last day to work and he has the next 4 days off... Yippee!


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  1. Spencer looks so happy! How wonderful that there are so many great things happening near you.

    Have you found anyone to scrapbook with?