Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just like Daddy....

Well after a whole day of a little boy saying that he didn't want to go trick-or-treating, I finally bribed him into his costume... he's dressed up like a driver from the mine!

We got him the little hard hat one weekend in Lethbridge and I altered to say "Elk Valley Coal" on the back and EVC on the front. I made him his own mine badge to wear with a little picture of himself on it. We dressed him up with "muscles" made with Daddy's socks, a plaid shirt and a little vest and jeans.

We waited until Daddy got home from work since Spencer refused to go out without Daddy.

We walked next door to Deanna and Frank's, our neighbours and he got a special apple treat. Then we loaded into the car and drove to the Rec Center and parked in their parking lot. We walked around the neighbourhood in the area there. Spencer ended up getting a whole bag of candy with only walking around a few houses. He had a good time and enjoyed spending time with Daddy and I.

Happy Belated Halloween!


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