Saturday, November 15, 2008

Candy Land!!!

On Thursday Spencer invited his new little buddy Mr. J. over for a play date. We've gotten to know Mr. J. and his mom Mrs. B. through "meet and greet parents and kids" event every Friday morning. Mr. J is about 4 months younger than Spencer so they seem to be a good match.

So for a fun thing to do together, I bought a gingerbread house kit for the boys to decorate. Each boy got a house front, a house side, a house roof and two fun shapes to decorate. We decided this was easier than trying to set up the house as a whole.

Spencer decided that eating the candy was of course more fun than decorating!!!!

Candy face boy.....

Mommy had to pipe the icing on the gingerbread pieces. This is a photo that Mrs. B. took of the two of us! Notice "chipmunk cheek" boy?

Some of our finished masterpieces..... can you tell that I decorated these ones?

Spencer's piece was jammed packed with candy!!! Who would have guessed!!! LOL!


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  1. How fun for you both to have a play date! The ginger bread look yummy!