Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It was a THREE Bath Day!

Well today started out with going to get the mail and playing outside in the SNOW! Yes... we finally have snow! It's actually starting to look like winter out here.

Spencer decided he wanted to take his large dump truck with us to the mailbox. So he pushed it through the snow as we walked there even though I told him not to take it.

Well the little bugger decided he didn't want to push it back. So I told him that he was going to lose it for the day because I had told him that if he brought it, it was his responsibility to bring it back on his own. Well Mommy ended up having to carry it home!!!! GRRR!!! So he took a fit when I put it away!

As Spencer was playing in the snow, I was watching all the pretty Evening Grosbeaks at the neighbours feeder! Aren't they pretty?

This afternoon we decided not to venture out on the crappy roads so while Mommy washed the dishes, he decided to get into my PAINTS!!!! Well at least he picked a Christmas colour!!!

Our potty training is coming along well too. We only had one accident today and he pooped for the first time on the potty too!

As for the three baths.... one to remove the green paint.... one to remove the spaghetti from his hair and one for his poopy butt! Oh well! At least Todd is home for the next 4 days!


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