Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Icky's Came to Visit!

Well the icky's decided to visit the Israels' house today.

Spencer woke up all icky and covered in ick this morning. After a nice warm, soapy bath and fresh pajamas, I made him take it easy today.

At one point I found him curled up on the floor on his toy car mat, under a blanket with the couch pillow over his head! Such a strange place to sleep.

He seemed to get better as the day passed but I think his fever really kicked him in the butt. He wasn't hungry and didn't eat any dinner tonight. After Todd and I ate we found him curled up on the floor again....

Look at those rosy cheeks! Poor kiddo! Daddy put him to bed early.

Todd was scheduled to be off until Sunday but he's been called in for overtime for tomorrow. So to help to pay for one of the 2 new front windshields we need for our cars, he's off to work tomorrow. He said that the snow we got the other morning was 2 feet or so high on the mine site. He said he enjoying 4x4ing in the work truck all day just to get from one place to another. I think winter is here to stay now!



  1. Those photos sure capture the look of a sick kiddo. Feel better soon Spencer!

  2. My poor little angel. Extra hugs frm "auntie Tara".