Sunday, December 28, 2008

Safe & Sound... and on the Ground!

Well we're here! Safe and sound in Ontario.

Here's how the rest of travels went on the 26th...

We were told that our plane was delayed until 8:00pm when we first walked into the airport. Okay... no big deal! Then we were delayed again and told our departure gate was changed, so we moved to that gate.

Then we were delayed again... and then again and again... and can I say "again"?!!

Our final delay was announced that the plane was coming from Vancouver (we'd been told this numerous times that night so we just laughed!) and would be here around 11:20pm. So when our plane DID actually arrive and the boarding screen read a departure of 00:10 we were elated!!!!

Our take off was a wee bit bumpy as we has some awful cross winds on the runway while taking off. NOT FUN!

We ended up taking off out of Calgary at about 12:15am. Spencer had used ALL of the diapers in my carry-on bag at 11:00pm and after hunting down diapers twice, the only ones we could find were a bag of very expensive NEWBORN diapers for him to wear on the plane!! Yes... I said "newborn". Mommy got very creative and slapped 3 of them on Spencer's butt and he curled up on his seat in between us and fell asleep just seconds after take off. Needless to say, he was one soaked little boy when he woke up!

As we were waiting for our baggage to come down to the luggage area, Spencer could hold it no longer and we forced to pee on the floor. Daddy just told him, "Well Buddy, that's what they get for delaying us 6 hours so you just pee wherever you want!". I had to laugh!

We arrived in Toronto at about 6:30am EST and Dad was certainly happy to see us! It was extremely foggy and we had a slow but safe ride home.

Me, having had NO sleep at all, and Todd only a few minutes worth, we both got home and immediately crashed!! Spencer stayed up with Mama and Papa and kept them entertained while we slept.

So all in all, it wasn't too bad a trip.

Lessons learned....
1. Pack a WHOLE load of diapers in your carry-on 'cuz you never knew what's going to happen! Thankfully I had packed empty grocery bags for wet & dirty clothes and 2 pairs of PJs cause we used them all!!!
2. Pack better snacks than junk food to snack on 'cuz junk just don't cut it!

The 3 of us are still on "Mountain Time" but are fairing well. We enjoyed a fabulous night with my friends and all their families last night. That's the part I miss the most about Ontario.... hangin' out with Jen, Amanda and Dianne!

Our week is filling up for plans...

Tomorrow: breakfast with Dianne and finishing up our Christmas shopping.
30th: Christmas with the Israels' family.
31st: Some kind of celebration for the new year.
1st: Christmas with all the Cope's.

Hope you're all having a great holiday!


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