Friday, January 2, 2009

Time Flies....

Time sure flies when you're having fun!

We have managed to do almost everything we want while we've been in Ontario. Tomorrow I hope to spend some time gabbin' with the gals at the Bug for the afternoon and I'm not sure what Todd and Spencer are going to do. Maybe they'll go to Toronto and look at Jeeps.

Todd and I got a "date night out" (dinner and a movie) courtesy of my little sis and her man for Christmas. I'd have to say the BEST Christmas gift ever!!! We're going to go out on our "date" on Sunday evening. I'm extremely looking forward to it!

We were hoping to get a hld of Linda to come for a visit back to Bothwell but have had no success in getting an answer yet. Hopefully tomorrow. I know Spencer really wants to see his Aunt Linda and "Bernie" as he calls poor fuzzy Brandie.

Only a few days left and they are all flying by so quickly. Hoping to see Amanda for one last time before we go home too.

Cross your fingers for good flying weather on Wednesday! (and NO delays either!!!!)

Hope your New Year's Eve was a good one! Todd was the first in bed, even before Spencer! After Spencer,cam me at 12:02am. Such a party girl aren't I?

Have a great new year everyone!


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