Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Quick Hello from Calgary

We have made it from Dawson Creek to Calgary last night. We decided to stay in Calgary last night so we caught a room at a hotel at the base of Calgary Olympic Park last night. You could see the ski jump just outside the hotel and up the hill.

Todd and I both have enjoyed driving the Jeep so far. The roads were clear and great to drive back on yesterday. It was snowing here in Calgary a little bit ago but it has cleared up a bit already.

We stopped to have the Jeep rust-proofed and boy let me tell ya... we won't be going back to that company again! We called for an appointment this morning and a quote for the services we wished to have done. We went to pay for it and it was almost DOUBLE the quote on the phone! What the heck???!! They had quoted us wrong on the phone so the guy dropped his price. We gathered up all of our stuff after the 1 hour and 15 minute wait for the rust proofing. I opened the front passenger side door and discovered that they had dripped rust proof solution on the side of the seat. I opened the back door behind my seat and the SAME THING on the rear seat! Needless to say I was livid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made them clean it immediately!! I'm still mad! The poor Jeep has been off the lot for only 24 hours and someone's got crap all on the seats!!!!!!

We're going to do some galavanting here in Calgary and then head home in daylight later this afternoon.

Spencer's been a pretty passenger. I think he's had enough of sitting down though. He was doing laps at the rust proofing place while we waited. I don't blame him.

Gotta run! Hope everyone's doing well!


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