Monday, January 26, 2009

Trying out the Back Roads

We decided to take a quick drive this afternoon towards Fernie and Hosmer.

We first drove just past Fernie up to Mount Fernie Provincial Park. The road was winding and beautiful.

We ventured off a side road from the park and came to a very steep back road covered from top to bottom with ice. We made it half way up and then slid half way down again backwards.... talk about un-nerving! The tires just couldn't grab the road with it being pure ice.... even with 4x4 and skid-steering.

We tried a different road just above Hosmer. This was the view we saw looking down into the valley below.

This is the mountain we saw behind us in Hosmer.

Sitting above Hosmer.

Then we went down to the valley again and traveled to just outside Sparwood to a back road there. This road used to be part of the old highway.

The road was a rough one and very rutted due to all the different trucks and snowmobiles that traveled along it but very beautiful!

I even gave the ol' 4x4 a try!!

Todd made me get out and walk into the bush to take a few pictures! Darn it.... wet socks!

So far we love the Jeep!



  1. WOWZA! Can i come and visit?! lol. And that is one sweeeeeet jeep!

  2. love your pics Ally. There sure is a lot of gorgeous scenery out that way.