Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh Deer! Just another day....

Todd's at work today so Spencer and I were on our own. I had some stuff to mail in town so we drove in after lunch.

On our way home we decided to take a detour up to Spawood Heights, an area between Sparwood and out trailer court.

We drove up and around the highest road to check out the new houses and came back around to the gas station and what did we see.....

...three deer at the gas station (there's one behind the snowbank)! We fed them some cookies we had in the truck and then zipped home to get the camera and more snacks.

Luckily they hadn't left when we returned.

We parked the truck and turned off the engine, cranked the window open and slowly opened up the cracker box and threw some goodies their way.

This little fella was the PIG and BULLY of the bunch. He thought that since he saw us first, that he was entitled to all the good stuff! He literally would chase and kick the other two around the truck so they couldn't get "his" crackers. He's also the one that would come the closest.

The bully wouldn't allow the other two too close. This poor fella watched from behind.

He did manage to circle the truck and I took this shot of him in front of the Jeep. I did throw him a few crackers over the hood on the other side. So I think he had a few.

This is a picture of the smallest of the three deer. She was the most timid and didn't come too close. I think she only got a single piece of cracker.... the one stuck to her nose!

Just before we left, the other fella wandered off towards the door of the store. A lady had gone in to grab something and when she came out the door again I think she was a little surprised to see a deer at the rear of her car!!! It was kinda funny!



  1. Awesome pics Ally!!!! Spencer must have loved the deer!!

  2. That is so cool Ally! Love the close-up one.