Wednesday, February 4, 2009

At The Park and a Visit to the ER

We have a few pretty decent play grounds around Sparwood so I called up my friend Miss B and asked her is she and her son Mr. J wanted to go to the play ground today. It's about 8 degrees here today and sunny so I just wanted to get out of the house! I also wanted to take some more pictures of Spencer!

So we met down town just behind the community center this afternoon for a mini play date.

Spencer and I had arrived a few minutes early and he loved climbing up high and hanging on to g on to all the ropes.

He was telling me that he was driving his "ship" and that I'd better get up on the boat so the sharks didn't eat me. Too cute!

I love this shot....

As we all were getting ready to head back to the vehicles, I felt my right foot go over while standing in the snow and I fell onto my side into a snow bank. I think I caught everyone by surprise... especially myself!

I got up slowly with help from Miss B and hobbled over to the other side of the play ground equipment. My foot hurt but that was it..... until.... about 2 mins later when the world started to spin and I began to see stars and my hearing went on me! A scary feeling! So I braced myself on the logs and lowered my head for a few mins. I began to feel better but my "world" still felt a little on the "drunk" side so Miss B took me to the ER. Thankfully it was just down the street!!!

Thank goodness for good friends! Miss B watched both boys as I got everything examined.

I had my ankle and foot examined and my foot x-rayed and they said I didn't break or fracture anything... THANK GOODNESS! He said that the dizziness was probably due to a movement in the liquid in my ears when I fell. All said and done, we were out of the ER in jst a little over an hour. I'm now out of commission as far as walking and standing for long periods of time. I'm off to "elevate and ice".

Hope everyone's doing well back in Ontario! Stay warm as I hear you're getting the brunt of winter from Mother Nature again! Sounds like you guys are having more of a "winter" than we are! Ta ta for now!


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