Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Salamanders & Laundry at 1am in the Morning!

This little monster had a BIG day yesterday!

Todd and I enrolled him in swimming lessons for this session at the Community Center. We had him assessed by one of the lifeguards at the pool and they put him in the "Salamanders" level of swimming.

Here he is waiting to be called for his swimming class on the stairs to the pool.

Thankfully his class is small... only 4 kids. One great little swimmer, one no show, one additional kid in the wrong class and one little girl who refused to get in the water. He has a male instructor, Aaron. Nice guy.

His first class of 30 minutes, went pretty good considering his attention span being about 10 minutes long. He listened and completed everything he was asked to do; some floating on his front & back, some gliding, some blowing bubbles, some games, etc.

He did have one problem though. I put him in some swim trunks that apparently you need have a butt to wear them! He's not wearing swim diapers under his shorts any more so.... about half the class he spent with his butt stickin' out the back of his shorts... funny but next time Mommy will put him in swim trunks with a drawstring!

You'll have excuse the poor photo... it's hard to take photos from far away at the pool. The flash isn't so effective!

He goes to his class twice a week until the end of March. We should see lots of improvement by the end of next month!

As for doing laundry at 1am in the morning.... Spencer was sick last night. We striped his bed at about 11ish and put him on the couch for the night in the living room with me on the other couch and he had a pretty good night. He's had a nap today and he's resting on the couch right now. I think whatever he has, is kickin' him in the butt. Hopefully he'll be better tomorrow.

Todd's back to work tomorrow after 12 days of being off. It's supposed to snow tonight so we'll see what his drive will be like in the morning!

Ta ta until later!


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