Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Average Week

We haven't really been doing much this week. While Todd was off we got some fresh snow and the world is a little whiter again.

The other morning the boys let me sleep in and this what cam to visit us that very same morning.... 3 white tailed deer.

This looking out on our neighbour's front lawn. I think they came in to check out the suet bird feeder hanging off the tree.

Isn't she pretty?

And this was deer #3.... trotting across the lawn across the road.

An FYI... my foot is better and there was no swelling.

Todd on day #2 of 4 today. As of Friday, he'll be off for 12 days as part of the mine's scheduled shutdowns.

We found out yesterday that the family that we have gotten to know since we moved here are moving back home. They are packing as we speak and Spencer and I will be dropping by this morning with a few boxes. We're sure going to miss them! It was nice having another family almost like ours... 3 people, one being a 3 year old little boy. Oh well... I know their families have been missing them so that 's a good thing that they're going home again!

Off for the day!


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