Friday, February 27, 2009

We have SNOW!

Over the past two to three days we have had quite a bit of snow here. Crowsnest Pass was closed for 2 days and reopened yesterday morning. It's typically closed to due to visibility issues. The road is literally sandwiched between 2 mountains and the stream in places. It can be VERY narrow coming into Sparwood. We're hoping that it remains open and the weather stays clear... at least until Tuesday when we have to drive to Calgary to pick up Mom and Dad from the airport.

This is a picture of the mountain range directly behind the house. We took this photo from the Community Center this morning.

The trees look especially frosty and snow covered at the higher elevations.

There is small area of trees next to the community center and we came to see this scene this morning.

I believe they're being removed due to the invasion of the beetle that has been killing all the pines in our area. I think they are trying to limit the spread by cutting paths through the bush areas. We have some harvesting going on just down the highway from the house. It's sad to see but a necessity to control the spread of the pest.

Hope everyone's having a good Friday!


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  1. Such beautiful scenery. Have a great visit with your Mom and Dad.