Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pillow Fights, Birthday Presents & Mile Zero

So on Wednesday morning, after a rather restless night's sleep in Dawson Creek, the boys decided a pillow fight was a good idea!

When the pillow fight started to involve Mommy... it ended quite quickly after that!
The they decided to jump on the hotel beds... what a great game....

10 points for position.
10 points for height!
0 for landing!

Yup... and Todd had to give it a whirl too! He's so mature (hahaha)!

Once all the foolin' around was done and over with, we got headed over to the Jeep dealership to pick up Daddy's best birthday present EVER!

Here are the boys posing for the first official photo....

After getting all the license info and insurance stuff done, we went and sold my poor little baby to a used car lot in Dawson Creek. My poor little navy blue '99 Mazda Protege is no more. I confess... I cried! Todd thought I was loosing it! I did take some photos but I had accidently flipped the lens switch to manual mode without knowing it and the photos are all blurry.

Before leaving town, I wanted to make sure we got our photos taken at the Mile Zero marker of the Alaskan Highway.

Here's our little "poop monster". Just moments after this photo was taken, Spencer stunk us all out of the Jeep! It was so bad that he literally had to be striped down and re-dressed from head to toe... poop every where! Nothing like a true christening of our new vehicle!

Traveling highway 43 between Grande Prairie and Mayerthorpe.

And I did get to see a moose....

Does a brightly painted yellow orange sign count?

We're home safe and sound at home. A day of rest for us tomorrow with a trip to play group and then to the pool. It's good to be home!


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