Monday, January 5, 2009

Winding Down in Ontario

Well we are winding down our visit in Ontario before we leave on Wednesday morning from Toronto to fly to Calgary to go home.

Today we managed to pop in on a few people....
- We visited Spencer's Great Grandma and Todd's Grandma in Chatham.
- Then we visited Linda in Bothwell. Spencer got to see his "Aunt Inda" and "Bernie" (he can't say Brandie"). We also got to all the renos to the old house. I'll post some photos when we get home for everyone.
- We attempted to see Debbie, Kathleen or Maria at the Bothwell post office with no success,
- We snuck in a surprise visit to Laura in Wallaceburg and finally...
- Came home to have dinner and a short visit with Teresa.

Overall, I think we did well with seeing all the people we wanted to over our 13 day stay in Ontario. We are going to stay in Toronto, close to the airport, so we will only have a short trip to make in the morning for our early morning flight.

Todd and I are going to take one last trip to Lake Erie to see the lake before we go. It's the one thing I think we both miss the most.... the water and the beaches. I know once Spring and Summer come, we will investigate more the lakes and ponds around home. Apparent;y, there is a very pretty lake around Elko (below Fernie) that has a pretty & clean beach and warmer water to swim. Can't wait to find that little spot!

Hope your 2009 has started out well!

Wishing everyone an amazing 2009 from the 3 of us!


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  1. was hoping that I might here from you for lunch today, but I guess not. Oh well, next time right! LOL! Have a safe trip back.